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Mask field of view tester

2024-05-13 15:34

Equipment usage:

The mask field of view testing device is used to test the field of view effect of daily protective masks, face masks, gas masks, etc. Applicable to labor safety protection inspection centers, medical device and drug inspection centers, disease prevention and control centers, textile testing centers, mask and mask production enterprises, etc.


Applicable scope:

Produced according to relevant standards, mainly used for visual field testing of masks, face masks, respirators, etc. Suitable for mask and respirator production enterprises, quality supervision, scientific research, wearing and using units, etc.


Functional features:

1. The key components are processed with imported special aluminum.

2. Color touch screen display, beautiful and elegant. The menu style operation mode is as convenient as a smartphone.

3. The core control components adopt a 32-bit multifunctional motherboard.

4. The instrument includes a Chinese and English interface, which facilitates the inspection of foreign customers.

5. The number of tests can be set arbitrarily according to the testing requirements.

6. The whole machine is coated with metal paint and processed with high-quality electrostatic spraying, which is beautiful and easy to clean and maintain.

7. The end of the experiment is accompanied by an end sound prompt.

8. The instrument is equipped with a precision level detection device.

9. The instrument is designed as a desktop computer, runs smoothly, and has low noise.

10. Large screen color touch screen display, user-friendly interface design for easy operation. Supporting the measurement and control system independently developed by Jinan Metes Testing Technology Co., Ltd,

Including: ⑴ Hardware: Multi functional circuit board for measurement and control; ⑵ Software: ① V1.0 multifunctional testing software.


Related standards:

1) GB/T 32610-2016 Technical Specification for Daily Protective Masks;

2) GB 19083-2010 Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks;

3) YY 0469-2011 Medical surgical mask related instruments;

4) GB 2626-2006 Respiratory protective equipment;

5) GB 2890-2009 Respiratory Protection Self suction Filter Gas Mask;

6) GB/T 16556-2007 Self supply open circuit compressed air respirator;

7) GA 124-2013 Positive pressure fire air respirator.

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