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Aiseli Judge QC light source box

2024-05-13 15:29

The Aiseli Judge QC light source box is the most cost-effective light source box in the industry, with powerful industrial design. The metal structure on the surface of the powder coating makes the equipment more durable. Five types of light sources provide consistent fluorescent lighting, meeting international standards including ISO, DIN, ANSI, BSI, and ASTM visual assessment requirements. It has a dedicated D50 light source for printing and packaging; The application of dedicated D65 light sources in industry and easy switching between dual daylight modes may require operators to check the lighting conditions of the samples. Aiseli Judge QC provides an economical and effective method for judging colors.


Technical parameters:

1. Box size (unit: cm): 68.5x54.5x53.5; 

2. Voltage: 230V;

3. Lamp lifespan: 2000hours;

4. Light source: D50 or D65, CWF, UVA, CIE A, and one of TL84, U30, U35;

5. Operating humidity: 0-95% non condensing;


6. Operating temperature: 0-40 ℃.

Technical features:

1. Achieve better color evaluation with consistent lighting of raw materials.

2. Always know how to determine the functionality of QC lights with their convenient service indicator lights.

3. Using lights to replace multiple options, designed to be as convenient as possible and ensure maximum time.

4. When checking for homochromatic aberration, the object that occurs matches one light source instead of another.

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