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Anime image measuring instrument

2024-05-11 16:30

The anime image measuring instrument (also known as the anime image measuring instrument, whose alias is the image measuring instrument, the two-dimensional image measuring instrument, the anime image measuring instrument, the automatic image measuring instrument, the full-automatic image measuring instrument, the anime image measuring instrument, the 2.5D image measuring instrument, the image mapping instrument, etc.) is based on the CCD digital image, relying on the computer screen measurement technology and the powerful software capabilities of spatial geometric operations. After installing specialized control and graphic measurement software, the computer becomes the measurement brain with the soul of the software and is the main body of the entire equipment.

It can quickly read the displacement value of the optical ruler and obtain the desired result instantly through software module operations based on spatial geometry; And generate graphics on the screen for operators to compare images and images, so as to visually distinguish possible deviations in measurement results. All of this is achieved in real-time in the face of today's powerful computer computing capabilities, which the operator himself cannot detect. This kind of precision instrument that can use CCD digital image, through computer software operation, and meet the needs of complex measurement is the real anime image measuring instrument.

The computer in the image measuring instrument not only performs simple image alignment and numerical display, but more importantly, it has basic functions such as spatial geometry operation, graphic display, dimension annotation, and CAD graphic output. These functions rely on specialized measurement and control software developed on the basis of spatial geometry.

application area 

The instrument is suitable for all application fields with the purpose of two-dimensional measurement, and is widely used in the measurement of mobile phone accessories, household appliances, connectors, mechanical parts, precision clamps, plastics, hardware, instruments, plastics, computers and other industries.

operational principle

The anime image measuring instrument uses its own hardware (CCD, eyepiece, objective lens data line, video acquisition card) to transfer the captured image to the computer data acquisition card through the data line, and then the software images on the computer display, and the operator uses the mouse to carry out rapid measurement on the computer. The above processes are basically completed in tens of thousands of seconds, so it can be regarded as real-time detection equipment, or narrowly speaking, it can be called dynamic measurement equipment. If the configuration meets the requirements, the device will never experience image lag. Depending on the size of the workpiece, the workbench can choose different strokes. The brightness of the light source is adjustable, and the most suitable brightness of the light source can be selected under various lighting conditions.

Operation method

According to its operation mode, it can be divided into two types: automatic operation and manual operation. Automatic operation is to control the operation of the computer through the mouse connected to the image measuring instrument, in order to achieve the goal of accurately measuring objects; And manual operation is achieved through the control of multiple joysticks to measure the relevant data of the measured object.

Software Introduction

The software of anime image measuring instrument is the data processing center of anime image measuring instrument. After capturing the image of the workpiece through the image detection system, the image data is transmitted to the computer, and various geometric elements are measured and analyzed by measurement software.

Anime image measuring instrument software provides human-computer interaction interface. The operator observes the workpiece to be tested, sets the detection status, inputs and outputs data, controls the motion of the image measuring instrument workbench, and analyzes the data through measurement software. For automatic image measuring instruments, the measurement software can also program the measurement process of the workpiece to achieve batch measurement.

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