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Union Commercial Dry Cleaning Machine

2024-05-10 15:52

The Union series machines are equipped with two independent cartridge solvent filtration circuits, which have high processing efficiency and can ensure the filtration of solvents and obtain clean washing solvents. In any case, the DIALOG PLUS computer can automatically select the appropriate filter cartridge based on the color depth of knitted clothing and preset programs.

The lower corrosiveness and lower specific gravity (0.77 Kg/L) make hydrocarbon solvents a detergent that avoids the following situations: "chicken scratch marks" or "stick marks", pilling, damage to leather or "technology" fabrics, dyeing and printing decolorization, fiber decolorization, and silk and hair removal. When using this type of silk thread for weaving, the silk thread itself has already been subjected to great twisting and tension, which comes from the weaving process, especially the hemline and cuffs. The processing in the four counties is not uniform here, so the silk thread is subjected to greater tension.

Applicable scope:

Strong technological research and production capabilities have always led the trend of dry cleaning machine development worldwide, and are used as testing equipment in professional institutions. Passed all environmental certifications in the world. Independent cooling air duct with multiple automatic detection functions. Refrigeration unit with fast recovery rate.

Compliant with standards:

BS EN ISO 3157 M+S P66+67, AATCC 158

HLM 840 S=18 Kg -3 tank quantity

HLM 860 S=25 Kg -3 tank quantity

HLM 890 S=40 Kg -3 tank quantity

Dry cleaning machines using new solvents:

The HLM 800 series products have low energy consumption per unit, meet environmental requirements, and are equipped with high-speed centrifuges.

As a dry cleaning expert, UNION has now launched a new series of solvent dry cleaning machines, breaking through the boundaries of performance, quality, and ease of use.

High speed centrifugation. A speed exceeding 800 rpm makes this machine faster.

The washing bucket is installed on a special buffering system and shock-absorbing support, making this machine extremely stable and completely eliminating the vibration effect on the ground.

The new ITDS drying system equipped with a high-strength blower can significantly reduce drying time and ensure machine safety. The condensing equipment is divided into three parts with quick valves for easy maintenance.

H. The C.S. (mixed charge system) vacuum distillation system can carry out multi-stage solvent layering separation, and is equipped with SENSOR PLUS solvent capacity sensor to prevent the formation of foam and ensure the pure distillation of solution.

Integrated DIALOG PLUS control system, heart of HL-HP-800 series

The DIALOG PLUS computer represents UNION's new technology, optimizing the operational performance of dry cleaning machines. You can gradually set the temperature value, washing speed value, and centrifugal speed value.

The IDROMATIC still automatic cleaning system is equipped with bottom hanging wiping balls and PNEUMOSTILL residue separation chamber

The Union HLM 800 series products come in three capacities: 18, 25, and 40 kilograms.

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