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Fracture force connection firmness tester

2024-05-11 16:32

The fracture force and connection firmness tester is mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of the connection firmness and fracture force at the connection of medical consumables. It is one of the important means to identify the firmness performance of various connection components. It simulates various conditions in actual use to test the breaking force and connection firmness of the injection needle, to ensure the safety and reliability of the injection needle in medical operations.

The fracture force and connection firmness tester is designed and manufactured based on the testing methods related to fracture force and firmness. Used to test the breaking force of the catheter, the firmness of the connection between the catheter and the catheter joint, the firmness of the connection between the needle seat and the needle tube, and the firmness of the connection between the liner core and the liner core seat, etc. You can choose between tensile testing and testing to maintain the set force and time.

It is composed of PLC programmable controller, 6-inch color LCD display screen, force sensor, force measuring mechanism, transmission mechanism, onboard printer, etc. Chinese menu display, human-machine dialogue to set various parameters for automatic testing; Real time display of the maximum and average pulling force, automatic judgment of qualification, and printing of test data by the printer.

test method

During testing, connect the injection needle and syringe together, and then apply a certain amount of tension through the tester to observe whether the connection is loose or detached. If the connection is firm, the injection needle can remain stable during use. The tester will record the force value when the injection needle breaks to evaluate its resistance to breakage.

Technical indicators

Value added display range: 0.1~200N, resolution 0.01N; The error should not exceed ± 0.5% of the reading and can be set arbitrarily.

Test speed: 500mm/min, 50mm/min, 5mm/min, with an error not exceeding ± 1%.

Duration: 1 second to 999 seconds, with an error of ± 0.1 seconds, displayed on the LCD screen.

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

Overall power: 60W

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