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Composite salt spray corrosion test chamber

2024-05-11 16:29

The composite salt water spray tester/composite salt spray corrosion test chamber is a natural condition close to the reality in accelerated corrosion test, which is simulated by the conditions commonly encountered in the natural environment, such as salt spray, hot air drying, wetting, low temperature, etc., which can be combined and cycled in any order. Its main test objects are aimed at the items used in the environment with drastic changes, such as automotive parts, equipment, building materials, film coated electric books, electrical machines, etc.

Main use:

The composite salt water spray tester/composite salt spray corrosion test chamber is used to test the corrosion resistance of electroplating and paint decorative coatings of automotive parts, equipment, building materials, film electrography, electrical machinery and other equipment.

Testing principle:

The salt dry wet composite corrosion test is to expose the specimen to different environmental conditions of repeated cycles. Simple environmental conditions can cycle between salt spray and drying conditions, while more complete automatic methods can require multifunctional cycles to combine moisture or atomization with salt spray, drying, and soaking functions. The salt dry wet composite corrosion testing machine can repeatedly achieve various typical corrosion environments in a test chamber, and complex test cycle programs can be set with the help of specially designed controllers.


Automatic cyclic testing can be completed, and current automatic corrosion methods generally require repeated exposure of specimens to salt spray, high humidity, low dryness, and environmental conditions for cycling. For special industries (coatings, automobiles), it is also required to increase the use of corrosion solution immersion processes. It utilizes rapid cycling, rapid temperature changes, low humidity drying cycles, and various corrosive solutions to ensure more realistic experiments. Many researchers have found that this experiment is very useful for the inspection of industrial anti-corrosion coatings.


Compliant with standards:

GB/T 10125-1997

ASTMB 117-2002

BS7479-1991 Conduct NSS, ASS, CASS tests

Perform cyclic corrosion test on GM 9540P

GB/T 10587-2006 Technical conditions for salt spray test chambers

GB/T 10125-97 Artificial Climate Corrosion Test Salt Spray Test

GB/T 2423.17-93 "Basic Environmental Testing Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products - Test Ka: Salt Spray Test Method"

GB/T 6460 Metal Coating Copper Accelerated Acetate Spray Test (CASS)

GB/T 6459 Metal Coatings - Copper Acetate Spray Test (ASS)

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