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UV aging test box

2024-05-13 15:33

The CO.FO.ME.GRA ultraviolet aging test box simulates the influence of ultraviolet through ultraviolet lamp, and reproduces dew and rain through water vapor condensation and water spray.

The accelerated UV aging test reproduced the damage caused by sunlight, rain, and dew. In CO The damage that occurs during outdoor exposure for months or years after several days or weeks of exposure to the samples in the FO.ME.GRA UV aging test box can be reproduced.

To simulate aging caused by external atmospheric factors, CO The FO.ME.GRA ultraviolet aging test chamber subjected the material to alternating cycles of ultraviolet radiation and humidity under controlled high temperature. The instrument simulates the influence of sunlight by using special UV fluorescent lamps, and the influence of dew and rain by condensing or spraying water (spray option).

Almost all durable materials exposed to external environments undergo photodegradation processes caused by ultraviolet radiation. The fluorescent lamp used in the CO.FO.ME.GRA UV aging experimental chamber simulates the critical ultraviolet short wave, realistically reproducing the damage caused by sunlight. The damage types that the CO.FO.ME.GRA UV aging test box can simulate include: discoloration, loss of light, pulverization, cracking, cracking, foaming, veil, brittleness, strength loss, and oxidation.

Dew is mainly the cause of most of the moisture generated during outdoor exposure, rather than rainwater. The condensation system of the CO.FO.ME.GRA UV aging experimental box can simulate dew accurately and amplify its effect through high temperature.

The network water used in the automatic purification system during the condensation process. This is because the evaporation and condensation process of water on the sample is actually a distillation process that can remove all impurities.

The CO.FO.ME.GRA UV aging test box can accommodate up to 48 standard samples (75mm x 150mm), and special sample racks can be created according to customer specifications.


Applicable scope:

The innovative design of the CO.FO.ME.GRA UV aging test chamber has achieved higher standards in performance characteristics, ease of use, accuracy, and safety compared to other UV fluorescence aging test chambers. Its validation performance meets or even exceeds other brands. Multi language touch screen interface, data collection through Ethernet connection, extremely high security, optional with a recirculation spray device. More unique features that are easy for users to operate and use.


UV lamp:

UV fluorescent lamps are more stable than other types of lamps, including xenon arc lamps. Spectral distribution (SPD) does not change with lamp aging, and even after thousands of hours of operation, this characteristic involves more reproducible results, fewer lamp replacement frequencies, and reduced operating costs.

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