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Liquid backflow tester

2024-05-13 15:31

Compliant with standards:

GB/T24218.14-2010, EDANA

Applicable countries:

For hygiene products, the rehumidification of non-woven fabrics is crucial. However, during manual measurement, there is a significant difference in experimental results due to the influence of operators.

A liquid infiltration tester designed according to standards can perform automatic testing, eliminate the influence of operators on the test results, and save time. The experimental data is automatically saved and can be printed for testing

Effectively organize and evaluate the past.

According to the formula of GBT24218.14-2010 EDANA, the liquid backflow tester is used to test diapers and sanitary napkins. The operation is simple, without human interference, saving time, and ensuring the reproducibility of the test results

And comparability.

Instrument characteristics:

1. A high-precision balance can be accurate to 0.001g.

2. Pneumatic device setting, lifting the sample when placing a simulated baby load to protect the balance.

3. Automatically save data after testing, and view report calculations and analysis results, as well as print test reports.

4. The touch screen control panel and clear image interface provide testers with more convenient and efficient operations.

5. All data and statistical results can be freely viewed within the host.

6. Control the stepper motor and driver to ensure that the simulated baby load reduction speed meets the standard requirements.

Technical parameters:

1. Simulated infant load weight: 4000g (± 209)

2. Test accuracy: 0.001g

3. Zewu speed: 5cm/(5 ± 1) s

4. Passenger load descent distance: 6 ± 1cm

5. Organic board size: 170x170mm

6. The setting and dwell time can be set: 1-999S

7. Compressed air: 600-800kPa

8. Working power supply: AC220V 50Hz 100w

9. External dimensions: 500x420x610mm

10. Weight: 35kg

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