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Paper moisture content tester

2024-05-09 15:23

The moisture analyzer is a new type of rapid moisture detection instrument. The circular halogen lamp ensures that the sample is uniformly heated, with simple operation and accurate measurement. The moisture meter measures the weight of the sample while using a halogenated ring tube heating method to quickly dry the sample. During the drying process, the moisture meter continuously measures and immediately displays the lost moisture content% of the sample. After the drying program is completed, the final measured moisture content value is locked and displayed.

The paper moisture content tester is specialized in measuring the moisture content of sanitary products, non-woven fabrics, films, paper, cardboard and other materials. The instrument has an accuracy of 0.001g and is characterized by easy operation and fast testing speed. It is an instrument used for testing in paper, printing, cardboard factories, and scientific research units.

Product Usage:

The cardboard moisture meter can be widely used in all industries that require rapid moisture measurement, such as paper, pulp, toilet paper, photo paper, whiteboard paper, photocopy paper, copperplate paper, writing paper, newsprint, tracing paper, corrugated paper, cardboard boxes, pulp, and waste paper.

Reference standard:

GB/T 26497-2011

Technical parameters:

1. Moisture measurement range: 0.01-*

2. Moisture content readability: 0.01%

3. Weighing range: 0-100g

4. Sensor accuracy: 0.005g

5. Weighing sensor: German HBM sensor

6. Heating temperature range: starting at -205 ℃

7. Heating source: infrared ring lamp

8. Display parameters:% moisture, time, temperature, weight

9. Communication interface for cardboard moisture tester: standard RS232 communication interface - convenient for connecting printers, computers, and other * devices, compliant with FDA/HACCP format requirements

10. Power supply: 220V ± 10%/110V ± 10% (optional)

11. Frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz/60Hz ± 1Hz (optional)

12. Scale size (mm), diameter 110

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