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Paint film scratch tester

2024-05-09 15:16

The strength, hardness, and adhesion of the coating are important physical properties of the coating, and their size directly affects the important performance of the coating, such as wear resistance; Wear resistance of particles; Scratch resistance; The impact resistance, retention effect of the coating, and difficulty in cleaning are necessary indicators for evaluating the performance of coatings, such as coating strength and hardness. The use of this instrument allows for a comprehensive evaluation of physical properties such as coating strength, hardness, and adhesion. Therefore, the purpose of this instrument is to characterize the strength, hardness, and adhesion of coatings by measuring their resistance to penetration when scratched by a scratch needle on a paint film template.

Working principle:

This instrument is mainly composed of a stylus holder and a workbench. The stylus on the stylus holder ensures that it acts vertically on the coating template (the template is fixed on the experimental platform on the workbench and can move horizontally or vertically).

Execution standards:

GB/T9279-88, ISO1518-73

Technical parameters:

The length of the scratch needle shall not be less than 60mm

Test bench movement speed: 20-40mm/s

Needle tip steel ball with a diameter of 1mm

The inclination angle of the lower end face of the top bar: 10-15 °

Weight loading range: 0-2000g

A small increment: 50g

Working voltage: 220V50HZ

Power consumption: 15W

Weight: 10Kg

External dimensions: 180 * 230 * 280mm

Experimental technical features:

The hardness is expressed as the Z-small load (scratch resistance value) of the load-bearing weight when the needle scratches the coating film;

Operation and usage method:


Prepare a 120 * 50mm (0.2-0.3mm thick) smooth tinplate according to the requirements of GB1727-79, or prepare a paint film on the bottom plate according to the requirements of the exhibition.

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