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Heel impact fatigue testing machine

2024-05-09 15:12

A device used to test the continuous impact resistance index of female high heels and medium heels. The heel impact fatigue testing machine is manufactured according to specifications and specifically tests the continuous impact resistance of female high heels and medium heels.

At a certain energy and frequency, this machine continuously strikes the heel with a punching blade, reaching the point of fatigue rupture of the heel, in order to understand the continuous stress tolerance index of the heel and determine its durability.

Reference standard:

BS 5131, SATRA TM20, SATRA TM21, QB/T 2864, etc

Technical parameters:

Impact energy: 0-18.3J (13.5ft lb) Small product: 0.68J (0.50ft lb)

Strike frequency: 60 times/minute

Swing arm energy: 17.3N-m (12.7ft lb)

Hammer: F (57 ± 1) mm, thickness (20 ± 1) mm

Impact angle: 0-90 degrees

Counter: LCD, 0-9999999.

Power supply: AC220V, 10A.

Weight: 75Kg.

Inspection method:

1. Instrument used: heel continuous impact testing machine

2. Production of test pieces: Use sampling method to select at least 3 unused heels

3. Test steps:

(1) Install the heel of the shoe into the fixed seat of the specimen (push it to the bottom) and tighten the fixing screws.

(2) Adjust the fixture seat until the centerline of the heel is at a 90 ° angle to the impact blade. After adjustment, tighten the screw clockwise, and the impact blade should be perpendicular to the back line of the heel.

(3) Rotate the lifting adjustment screw of the heel fixing seat clockwise to reach the height required for the impact blade of the specimen (the impact point is 6mm below the top of the heel, excluding the leather), and then tighten the screw.

(4) Turn on the "power" switch and set the required number of tests according to the different needs of the experiment. Press the "Test" button and continuously strike the heel with the hammer.

(5) After reaching the set number of times, the machine will automatically shut down.

(6) Check the condition of the heel damage, please organize and record the test results.

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