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Paper water absorption height tester

2024-05-09 15:19

The paper water absorption tester is suitable for measuring the capillary liquid absorption height of unglued paper and paperboard. Not suitable for paper and cardboard with a capillary suction height of less than 5mm within 10 minutes.

Testing principle:

Take a vertically suspended sample and immerse its lower end in water. Measure the capillary suction height after a certain period of time to determine the water absorption of the paper or cardboard. The suction time depends on the characteristics of the product.

Product features:

The sampler has a beautiful appearance, a compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, and convenient use. The product application instrument is suitable for measuring the capillary suction height of unglued paper and paperboard. (Not applicable to paper and cardboard with capillary suction height less than 5mm within 10 minutes)

Compliant with standards:

QB/T1662, GB/T 461.1, ISO8787

Technical parameters:

Measurement range: 5-200mm

Sample size: 250 x 15mm

Scale division value: 1mm

Simultaneously measuring the number of samples: 10 pieces

Number of rulers: 5

External dimensions: 430mmX240mmX370mm (length, width, height)

Weight: 12Kg

Environmental requirements

Temperature: 23 ± 2 ℃

Humidity: 50 ± 5% RH

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