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Paper dust tester

2024-05-09 15:22

The paper dust analyzer is suitable for measuring various surface dust and fiber bundles. Paper requires the measurement of dust and fiber bundles, as well as the measurement of many pulp fiber bundles. This instrument has a reasonable structure, is widely applicable, and is easy to operate and maintain.

Impurity: Any unwanted small piece of material embedded in pulp that exceeds the specified minimum size and exhibits significant opacity relative to the surface of the paper.

Dust count: The number of impurities per square meter of paper and cardboard, or the equivalent area of impurities per square meter of paper or cardboard (in square millimeters).

Product application:

Suitable for measuring the dust content of paper or paperboard. In the QS certification of paper packaging, it is applicable to: food parchment paper, semi transparent paper, food packaging paper, and food packaging cardboard.

Compliant with standards:


Technical indicators:

1. Light source: 20W fluorescent lamp

2. Illumination angle: 60 °

3. Workbench: With an effective area of 0.0625 square meters, it can rotate 360 °

4. Standard dust image: 0.05-5.0 (mm) ²)

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