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Paper softness tester

2024-05-07 14:45

This instrument is a testing instrument that simulates the softness of the hand feel. Suitable for measuring the softness of high-end toilet paper, tobacco flakes, fiber fabrics and other materials. The instrument measurement and control system adopts digital circuit technology with a single-chip computer as the core, which has the advantages of advanced technology, complete functions, simple and convenient operation, and is an ideal testing instrument for paper making, scientific research units, and commercial inspection departments.

The paper softness tester strictly follows the standards of GB/T8942 "Determination of Paper Softness" and GBT8942-2016 "Determination of Softness" to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test. The principle is to use a plate shaped measuring head to press the sample into a certain depth into a narrow gap under specified conditions, measure the sum of the bending resistance of the sample itself and the large vector of the friction force between the sample and the gap, in order to determine the flexibility. The smaller the softness value, the softer the sample and the better the feel.

Compliant with standards:

GB/T8942, QB/T1060, ASTM D2923, ASTM D6828-02, TAPPI T498, INDA IST 90.3, EDANA WSP 90.3

Technical parameters:

Measurement range: (10-1000) mN;

Test speed: 1.2mm/s, can be set arbitrarily

Measurement time: 15s, can be set arbitrarily

Resolution: 1mN;

Accuracy: ± 1%;

Depth of probe insertion: 8+0.5 mm; Depth limit of 12mm

Narrow width of the sample table: 5mm, 6.35mm, 10mm, 20mm; Can freely set development windows

Parallelism error on both sides of the narrow slit of the test bench: ≤ 0.05mm;

External dimensions: 570 x 415 x 250 (length x width x height);

Weight: Approximately 33 kg.

Touch screen: 7-inch color touch screen Weilun Tong

Interface: Switching between Chinese and English

1 set of testing software

Control system: PLC

Embedded micro printer comes with a complimentary roll of printing paper

Instructions for use:

1. Place the specimen symmetrically in the specified direction along the slit in the middle of the left and right specimen platens.

2. According to the longitudinal and transverse directions of the sample, press the "Vertical and Horizontal Selection" button to select the direction of the sample.

3. Press the "Test" button on the operation panel, and the instrument will automatically complete a test.

4. Replace the sample and proceed to the next test. For a group of specimens in the same direction (longitudinal or transverse), there is no need to select the transverse direction. Simply press the "Test" button to test.

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