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Easyperm moisture permeability tester

2024-05-06 17:27

The moisture permeability tester is economical and simple for dynamic relative humidity measurement. The measurement process is fully automated to prevent any operator neglect of the user. The Easyperm moisture permeability tester is fully suitable for process and quality control.


Using dynamic relative humidity measurement to quickly and conveniently measure the moisture permeability of polymer films and other sheet-like materials.

Technical specifications:

Complies with ASTM E398-03, ISO/CD 15106-1, JIS K7129, NF H00-044, and other international standards

Sample area: 50 cm2

Measurement range: 0.03-10000g/(m2d)

Microprocessor control

Integrated touch screen, displaying actual operation status

Integrated temperature and humidity sensor with digital signal inside the test box

Automatic control of dry air flow rate dependent on sample moisture permeability

Windows based on PC software:

Storage of calibration data

Inappropriate method changes in calibration

Storage of measurement data

Method and sample regulations

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