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Rotating friction color fastness tester

2024-05-06 17:24

Compliant with standards:

AATCC 116 ISO 105 X16


Applicable scope:

Used in the textile industry such as printed fabrics and dyeing to test the dry/wet rubbing color fastness of fabrics, especially printed fabrics


Product details:

The rotary friction color fastness tester is the most commonly used model in the textile industry to test the dry and wet friction color fastness of fabrics, especially printed fabrics. Paired with a 16mm diameter friction head that can provide 1143 grams of pressure. The friction head rubs clockwise by 1.125 turns and then rubs counterclockwise. The operating handle can only rotate in one direction.


Technical parameters:

A. Friction head diameter: 16mm;

B. Provide pressure of 1134 grams;

C. Turn clockwise by 1.125 turns and then counterclockwise;

D. Fixed device with standard friction fabric;

F. The sample clip is made of spring steel, ensuring fast fastening of the sample and reproducing test results;

G. The device is designated by AATCC;


Accessories and consumables:

1. European standard friction small white cloth

2. American standard friction small white cloth

3. Calibration abrasive cloth

4. Standard friction sandpaper

5. Friction cloth sample holder

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