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Key lifespan testing machine

2024-05-06 17:22

The button lifespan testing machine can perform lifespan tests on mobile phones, MP3 players, computers, electronic dictionary buttons, remote control buttons, silicone rubber buttons, silicone products, etc. It is suitable for testing the lifespan of various buttons such as button switches, light touch switches, and membrane switches. It has adjustable speed, can be set to any number of times, and can test multiple products at the same time (each product can be tested at multiple points). Each button can be set to different pressures and heights. At the same time, each testing head is controlled separately, with a dedicated fixture design and user-friendly operation, which can meet different testing needs of customers.

Experimental principle:

The key lifespan testing machine uses a motor driven eccentric wheel to move the connecting rod back and forth up and down, in order to strike the key; Set the number of tests for the counter to determine the quality of the silicone buttons.

Product features:

Two modes of sorting/simultaneous impact testing can be switched, which can simulate the real usage of the mobile keyboard in real life;

Using Japanese SMC precision pneumatic components, the impact force is accurately adjustable (calibrated by the force calibrator), and it is durable to use;

Adopting Mitsubishi LCD touch screen+PLC as program control, reliable quality;

Can simultaneously test 4 sets of mobile phones, with different fixtures adjustable up and down, left and right, front and back to meet different specifications of product physical button testing;

● Meet the requirements for simultaneous testing of front and side buttons on mobile phones, equipped with a force calibration device to truly reflect the button's ability to withstand impact;

Technical parameters:

Test phone quantity: 3 units with a total of 18 keys

Test load: 0-500GF or 200-1500GF (or specified)

Machine size: W700XD350XH570mm

Weight: 75kg

Gas source: ≥ 0.6MPa

Power supply: AC220V 3A or specified


1. The striking force is adjusted by the voltage knob 0-18V on the panel. At a certain voltage, the maximum striking force is always reached when the electromagnetic iron core is completely sucked in (sucked to the bottom).

2. The striking distance can be achieved by adjusting the adjustment screws on the pillar and the screws behind the electromagnet fixing iron.

3. It can also be adjusted by rotating the striking head forward or backward (when the electromagnet is connected to the striking head through a threaded connection).

4. Due to the non-linear relationship between striking force and striking stroke, please pay attention when adjusting.

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