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Syringe piston thrust tester

2024-05-06 17:23

The syringe piston thrust tester is a high-precision and highly stable measuring device used to measure the thrust of the syringe piston during the pushing process. This device adopts advanced sensor technology and data processing technology, which can accurately and quickly measure the piston thrust, providing reliable assurance for quality control in the production process of syringes.

Equipment features:

1. High precision measurement: The syringe piston thrust tester adopts high-precision sensors, which can achieve precise measurement of thrust with small measurement errors and good repeatability.

2. High degree of automation: The equipment adopts an automation control system, which can achieve automatic measurement, data processing, and result output, greatly improving testing efficiency.

3. Easy to operate: The device is easy to operate, and users only need to follow the operating instructions to complete the measurement task.

4. Good stability: The equipment is made of high-quality materials, with a compact and stable structure that can operate stably for a long time, ensuring the reliability of measurement results.


The syringe piston thrust tester mainly consists of sensors, measurement and control systems, and displays. The principle is based on force measurement, which determines whether the thrust of the syringe piston meets the standard requirements by measuring the force generated by the plunger when pushing out the liquid.

Meets standards:

YBB00112004, GB15811, ISO7886, GB15810-2019 disposable sterile syringes.

GB 15810-2019 Disposable sterile syringes

ISO7886-1:2017 Disposable sterile syringes

YBB0015204-2015 YBB00162004-2015 YBB00112004-2015, GB 15810-2019 GB 15810-2019 YY/T0573.2-2018

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