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Fluorescent whitening agent detector

2024-05-06 17:19

The fluorescence whitening agent rapid measuring instrument is suitable for detecting fluorescent whitening agents in edible mushrooms, packaging bag whitening agent contamination, aflatoxin additives, fruits, poultry eggs, and other substances. If fluorescence is generated after being irradiated by a UV light source in the dark box of the fluorescent whitening agent rapid measuring instrument in the tested sample, it can be determined that the tested sample contains fluorescent whitening agent.

Detection principle:

The whitening effect of the fluorescent whitening agent rapid measuring instrument is to use the principle of chemical complementary color, so that after being treated with fluorescent whitening agent, the yellowing substance can not only reflect visible light (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple), but also absorb ultraviolet light outside of visible light and transform it into visible light with blue purple color, thereby offsetting the original yellow color of the substance and making it clean, white, and pleasing to the eye. Due to the fact that the material basis for fluorescent whitening is ultraviolet radiation, which is rarely produced in light sources in daily life, its whiteness under sunlight is lower than that under light. The fluorescent substance in the fluorescent whitening agent is excited by the light source lamp (xenon arc lamp) of the fluorescent whitening agent rapid measuring instrument to generate excited singlet electrons. When the excited singlet electrons jump back to the vibrational energy levels of the ground state, fluorescence will be emitted, which can be observed in the dark. By determining whether the tested sample can see fluorescence under the illumination of this instrument, it can be determined whether there is a fluorescent whitening agent in the tested sample.


1. Using a microcomputer for control, with high accuracy

2. Easy to operate, no need for professional personnel

3. Fast detection speed, with detection results in 1 minute

4. Massive storage, capable of storing over 3000 images

5. USB 2.0 interface facilitates data transfer

6. Small size, light weight, and easy to carry

Technical parameters:

1. According to the industry standard: NY/T1257-2006

2. There are bidirectional operation ports on both sides of the instrument box, with a front door design for easy sample collection and placement

3. Controlled by a digital camera microcomputer, the sample is transmitted to a computer and the image is saved, analyzed, and queried

4. Users can directly observe the samples inside the darkroom through the box

5. Specially designed anti UV observation port to prevent operators from UV damage

6. USB 2.0 interface

7. UV short wave wavelength: 254nm

8. UV long wavelength: 365nm

9. Visible light source

10. UV filter size: 200 x 80mm

11. Working power supply: 220V AC power supply

12. Operating temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃

13. Operating humidity:<90% (40 ℃)

14. Instrument power consumption: 20W

15. Charging voltage/battery capacity 12.6V/9800mAH

16. Fluorescent whitening agent rapid measuring instrument size: 300 x 200 x 290mm

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