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Water resistance and waterproof test box

2024-05-14 14:47

This machine is manufactured according to the protection level of IEC 60529 and GB/T 10485-2007. It can be made from a combination of IP X 1 to IP X 9K or according to the customer's product characteristic level. The testing scope includes all electronic motors, national defense industry, vehicle industry, outdoor lighting, etc.


Adaptation criteria:

IEC 60529, GB/T 10485-2007


Structure and Material:

1. Box material: All parts of the test box that come into contact with water are made of stainless steel or copper materials. The box is made of imported stainless steel hairline plate.

The front cover plate is detachable.

2. Water supply: continuous water supply. Install a filter screen, inlet solenoid valve, and automatic water replenishment device on the water pump.

3. Main configuration: water pump, flow meter, speed control and deceleration motor.

4. The bottom of the box is equipped with wheels that can be fixed with brakes


Product features:

1. The IP X 1 and IP X 2 drip basins adopt a negative pressure suction device to ensure that the operator will not be dripping water, providing comprehensive protection for the operator's personal safety.

2. The IP X 3 and IP X 4 swing tubes are driven by stepper motors, with precise angles and adjustable swing rates. Each group of nozzles radiates from the center of the turntable, and after testing, they automatically clean water stains with compressed air.

3. IP X 5 and IP X 6 original nozzles, non diffusing water column, and equipped with angle adjustment device.

4. IP X 7 and IP X 8 automatic water level lifting function.

5. IP X 9K (DIN) German original high-pressure pump with jet heating device.


Product parameters:

Internal dimensions: 1300x1200x1800 (WxDxH) mm

Overall size: 1700x1250x2200 (WxDxH) mm

Water flow rate:

IPX1: Within1~1.5 mm/min (in driving box)

IPX2: Within3~3.5 mm/min (in driving box)

IPX3: At angle of ± 60 ° 0.07 L/min per Noise

IPX4: At angle of ± 180 ° 0.07 L/min per Noise

IPX5: 12.5 L/min

IPX6: 100 L/min

Tube radius: 200-1000 mm (for IP X 3, IP X 4 only)

Test sample rack: 1-5 RPM

Power consumption: 220V 3 φ  4W/380 V 3 φ  5W

Working voltage:

Three phase 380V ± 10%. 50Hz

Frequency and error: 50 ± 0.5Hz

Voltage and error: AC380 ± 10%

Surrounding environment of the device:

1. Temperature range: 5-30 ℃

2. Humidity range: ≥ 85% RH

3. Atmospheric pressure: 86~106KPa

4. Use purified or deionized water or standard water

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