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Negative pressure tester for infusion device leakage

2024-05-14 14:44

The leakage negative pressure tester for infusion sets is a specialized equipment designed according to the relevant provisions of the national standard (GB8368-2005) for testing the sealing performance of infusion sets.


Technical parameters:

1. Environment:

Working temperature: 5-40 ℃

Relative humidity: (45-80)%

Power supply voltage: 220V± 22V

Grid frequency: 50Hz± 1HZ

2. Technical parameters:

Negative pressure detection: -10~-30KPa, error not greater than± 0.5KPa, LED digital display negative pressure.

Negative pressure output -10~-30KPa± 0.5KPa, LED digital display negative pressure.

Measurement system negative pressure retention: must not drift within 1 minute± 0.5KPa.

Test duration: 60S, error not greater than± 0.5KPa.


Partial list:

1. One host

2. One year warranty

3. Operating instructions

4. The instrument is equipped with lifelong free upgrade services in accordance with national standards and regulations



Inhale the infusion set into no less than 25% of the nominal capacity of water, firmly install the tube on the negative pressure output of the tester on the infusion, connect the tester to the power supply, turn on the power switch, wait for the negative pressure display to stabilize, then press the start button, the tester will automatically aspirate air. When the negative pressure display number reaches -20 KPa, the air suction will automatically stop, and timing will start for 60 seconds. During this period, after the pressure stabilizes, visually observe that there are no bubbles inside the infusion set (the negative pressure display number should not exceed the original display value of 0.5 KPa).



Operators must be familiar with the usage of this equipment.

The negative pressure display on this test has been adjusted to -20 KPa, automatically stopping air suction.

The duration relay has been adjusted at the factory for 60 seconds.

This tester comes with three guarantees, which are valid for one year.

The measuring cycle of this tester is one year.

The setting method of time relay:

The time setting dial is set to 3 digits, with a setting range of 1s-99s. The maintenance time can be adjusted according to the time setting.

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