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Battery combustion testing machine

2024-05-13 15:36

The battery combustion test machine is suitable for the flame resistance test of lithium batteries (or battery packs).

Test instructions:

1. Place the test lithium battery or battery pack on a wire mesh located on a circular hole with a diameter of 102mm (4 inches). The wire mesh is composed of 20 mesh wires per inch, with a wire diameter of 0.017 inches (0.43mm).

2. Place the steel wire mesh approximately 38mm above the flame.

3. Cover the sample with an octagonal aluminum wire mesh. The specifications of the aluminum wire mesh are: the distance between the parallel sides is (610 ± 10) mm, and the height is (305 ± 5) mm. The specification of aluminum wire mesh is aluminum wire diameter 0.25mm, mesh size 16-18

4. Ensure that the test sample is heated on the wire mesh until it explodes or the lithium battery (battery pack) is ignited and burned out.

5. Test results: After the test, the components that make up the battery (excluding dust like products) or the entire battery must not penetrate the aluminum mesh.

According to the standard:

GB 31241-2014 "Safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products"

UL 1642 "Lithium Battery Standard (Safety)"

UL 2054 Safety Standard (Lithium Battery)

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