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Durability test bench for door lock hinges

2024-05-14 14:30

Reference standard:

GB-2006 "Performance requirements and test methods for automotive door locks and door retention components"

QC/T-2007 "Automotive Door Locks and Door Retainers"


The test bench can perform durability tests on door lock hinges and sliding doors, static load tests on door lock hinges, and inertial resistance tests on door locks.

The test device mainly consists of four parts: durability test bench for door lock hinges (including side doors and sliding doors), performance test fixture for door lock hinges, sliding door performance test bench, and door lock inertia resistance test bench.

1. 1. Durability test for door lock hinges (including side doors and sliding doors)

This test bench is suitable for durability and performance testing of car side door locks and hinges (front, rear, left, right), trunk locks and hinges, hood locks and hinges, and car sliding door locks and hinges. Check whether the door lock is opened normally and the number of failures of the central controller during the testing process.

During various lock tests, the simulated door is installed on the profile frame using the actual vehicle hinge provided by the manufacturer. The locking, unlocking, and closing actions simulate the actual vehicle state. Unlocking actions, experimental methods, etc. can be edited freely. Each workstation door lock can work independently without interfering with each other.

Simulate the usage status of the door lock in a real car, and simultaneously conduct durability and performance tests on four door locks (two side door locks, one trunk lock, and one hood lock each).

1. 2. Door lock hinge performance test

Provide fixtures for conducting longitudinal load, transverse load, and rear door vertical load tests on door hinges. The entire hinge system can be tested, as well as individual hinge tests. Provide fixtures for completing longitudinal and transverse load tests on door locks.

This experiment was completed on a tensile machine. The buyer shall provide the tensile machine by themselves and provide the relevant dimensions.

1. Performance test of sliding door retention components

This test bench can perform performance tests on sliding doors on a complete vehicle or white body with sliding doors and their retaining components. Namely, the strength of sliding doors, sliding door guide rail tests, and the compressive characteristics of components under static loads.

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