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Fabric cooling tester

2024-05-13 15:40

The textile contact instant coolness tester is used to test the coolness of pajamas, bedding, fabrics, and underwear, and can also measure thermal conductivity.

Compliant with standards:

GB/T 35263-2017, FTTS-FA-019, FZT 73067-2020 and other standards.

Testing principle:

Under the specified test environment conditions, the heat detection plate with a temperature higher than the sample is placed in contact with the sample. The temperature change of the heat detection plate over time is measured, and its contact coolness coefficient (qmax) is calculated to characterize the instantaneous coolness performance of the sample. The larger the qmax value, the stronger the skin feels the coolness, while the smaller the value, the weaker the skin feels the coolness.

Technical characteristics:

1. The surface of the instrument adopts high-quality electrostatic spraying, which is durable and long-lasting.

2. The panel is processed with imported special aluminum.

3. Desktop model with high-quality feet.

4. Some leaked parts are processed with imported special aluminum.

5. Color touch screen display, beautiful and elegant, menu style operation mode, and convenience comparable to smartphones.

6. The core control components adopt a 32-bit multifunctional motherboard from STMicroelectronics.

7. Automatic testing and automatic calculation of test results.

8. The heating plate and thermal detection plate both use high-precision sensors.

Technical parameters:

1. Heating plate temperature range: room temperature+5 ℃~48 ℃;

2. Temperature display resolution of heating plate, thermal detection plate, and sample loading platform: 0.1 ℃;

3. Response time of thermal detection board: < 0.2s;

4. Test time: 0.1s~99999.9s adjustable;

5. Low temperature constant temperature bath temperature range: -5 ℃ to 90 ℃;

6. Online software control, real-time testing of curves;

7. Equipped with printer interface;

8. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 150W.

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