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Scott bending resistance tester

2024-05-14 14:45

The Scott bending tester is used to determine the degree of delamination, cracking, and detachment caused by rolling bending of materials. This tester can adjust the fixture distance, stroke length, and test load to meet various testing specifications. A set of vibrations of the fixture are perpendicular to the specimen fixture under applied pressure. The clamping distance is set before the installation of the sample, the stroke is reset to zero, and the sample is fixed with a fixture. The fixture that applies pressure uses a crank to rotate and vibrate the fixture to obtain the specified kneading force. The force applied to the sample can be displayed using a spring pressure gauge or a recommended force sensor. After inputting the required number of cycles into the up counting controller, the test begins. After the test is completed, inspect the sample for visible signs of damage.

The material of the curved jaw inner liner can be provided according to requirements.


Compliant with standards:

Oyota TSL5101G (Section 3.29)

Nissan NES M0155 (Section 17)

TSL5100G section 4.7



The mechanical components are made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Durable powder coating and anodized surface treatment

Precision ball and needle roller bearings

Automatic shutdown programmable upward counting controller

Adjustable Slow and Test Speed Control

Adjustable stroke and fixture distance

Optional force sensor interface for monitoring test pressure during sample testing process

Ventilation protective covers can protect the operator's hands from pinch points

Different supply voltages must be clearly specified when purchasing

High quality brushless motor

1 year manufacturer's warranty period


More information

Product weight: 75 lbs/34 kgs

Transportation weight: 82 lbs/37 kgs

Size: 26 "x16" x14“

Transportation size: 30 "x20" x20“

Number of workers: 2

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