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Tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine

2024-05-14 14:48

The ITALCLEAN series dry cleaning machines are a high-quality representation of Italy's competitive pricing. Since 30 years ago, we have dominated the field of dry cleaning machines with an innovative concept of extremely simple maintenance. Install many features based on high performance and reduced operating costs.

Tetrachloroethylene is an organic solvent with non flammable chemical properties, strong oil removal ability, and excellent dry cleaning effect. It is not a chemical substance that destroys the ozone layer, is not a greenhouse gas, or a substance that forms chemical smoke. At safe concentrations, it does not have long-term negative effects on human health.


Composition of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine:

(1) The tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine consists of the following major systems: ① drum section; ② Washing cycle system; ③ Drying system; ④ Detergent distillation system; ⑤ Operating system; ⑥ Electrical system; ⑦ Rack.

(2) The functions and roles of each system

① Drum section: It is the main device of a dry cleaning machine, mainly used to hold and wash clothes. It includes drum drive device, transmission device, and protective device.

② Detergent circulation system: When washing clothes, circulating the detergent can increase the washing effect of the detergent on the clothes, and at the same time, the filter can filter out impurities washed from the clothes in the detergent, preventing impurities from depositing back on the clothes.

③ Drying cycle system: Its function is to dry clothes and eliminate odors, while also recovering detergent evaporated from clothes during the drying process.

④ Detergent distillation system: Its function is to separate the washing solvent from dirt and additives, enabling the dry cleaning solvent to be recycled and reused, thereby reducing costs.

⑤ Operating system: It is mainly an interface for human-machine dialogue, through which a series of automatic or manual laundry processes can be completed. The system mainly consists of a microcomputer control board and some auxiliary components. This computer has stable and reliable working performance, complete functions, and a good human-machine dialogue interface. The LCD screen instantly displays the machine's working condition, as well as digital display of temperature. The working status of each button is indicated by a light-emitting tube, which helps monitor the machine and enables it to operate in optimal conditions. Its light touch panel has good sealing, waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant, with a button lifespan of over 1 million times. Computers offer two modes of operation: manual and automatic. When manually operated, there is a complete interlocking function between the buttons to avoid the occurrence of misoperation. The automatic operation mode allows for the creation of dozens of programs as needed.

⑥ Electrical system: mainly used to assist in controlling computer work and completing various instructions issued by the computer.

⑦ Rack: serves to support and stabilize equipment.


Performance characteristics:

1. By adopting a user-friendly operating interface, fault self inspection and automatic monitoring functions, the washing program can be programmed according to experience to achieve fully automatic control of washing, drying, and drying.

2. The performance of the three cylinder dual filtration structure, coupled with dual filtration during the laundry process, reflects unparalleled high washing cleanliness. Equipped with a super large volume centrifugal filter, it is more economical and practical, with better cost-effectiveness.

3. Stainless steel structure, all internal rotating cages, distillation boxes, air duct systems, various collectors, distillation cooling towers that come into contact with solvents are equipped with advanced anti-corrosion treatment technology, doubling the service life of the machine.

4. By adopting a recycling device, the residual amount of tetrachloroethylene is reduced, effectively protecting the working environment and the health of employees.

5. The key components are all made of internationally renowned brand products, ensuring the reliability, stability, economy, and controllability of safety indicators of the entire machine; According to the different washing requirements of clothing fabrics and leather clothes, the washing and drying speed can be automatically adjusted.

6. Advanced and unique forced cold recycling not only makes washing wool suits convenient and fast, but also makes washing fur more effortless.

7. The loading door adopts a humanized design, making it more convenient and labor-saving to pick up clothes. The dual temperature controlled distillation system is safer and more reliable.

8. Distillation adopts automatic temperature control technology, and residual pollutants in the distillation box exist in a dry powder state, making distillation operations worry free, reassuring, safe, fast, and solvent recovery more economical.

9. The refrigeration recovery system significantly improves the refrigeration recovery effect, makes solvent recovery more thorough, and is more environmentally friendly and economical.

The operating steps of the tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine are as follows:

1. Before using the dry cleaning machine, various switches, pipelines, rotating devices, etc. should be inspected and the dust on the machine and drum should be wiped off

2. Turn on the main power switch and turn on the internal power switch. The indicator light will light up and turn on the water supply switch and air compression switch. The pressure of the steam pump will reach 35 square meters

3. Add water to the steam generator:

(1) Open the water injection valve, (2) close the water outlet valve of the cooler, (3) open the water outlet switch, (4) close the water valve when the water output is about 5-10 kilograms

4. Check if all function control keys on the manual panel are working properly, and at the same time, check if all pneumatic valves are working properly. Only if they are working properly can the machine be turned on and started

5. At the end of use, turn off the air pump switch, cold water valve, and internal power switch, and clean the machine and workplace

6. Register each dry cleaning work and record a work diary

(1) Working hours (2) Completed quantity (3) Special situation handling (4) Strengthen safety, civilized production, and enhance fire prevention awareness

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