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Injection needle puncture tester

2024-05-07 14:54

The injection needle puncture force tester is used to test the puncture force performance of the needle tip, evaluate whether the sharpness of the injection needle of the syringe meets the standard requirements, and is also known as the injection needle puncture force tester, medical injection needle puncture force tester, medical needle puncture force tester, and needle puncture tester.

Suitable for various injection needles, medical needles, needle tubes, puncture needles, and puncture force measurement, suitable for use by manufacturers, medical device inspection institutes, universities, research institutions, etc.

Working principle:

The medical injection needle puncture force tester is mainly based on the principle of spring loading. It measures the puncture force of the injection needle by simulating the resistance of the needle passing through tissues such as skin and muscles during the actual injection process. When the injection needle passes through the simulated tissue, it will be subjected to a reaction force that is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the puncture force of the injection needle. Therefore, by measuring the resistance experienced by the injection needle, the puncture force of the injection needle can be accurately determined.

Compliant with standards:

ISO, GB 15811, etc

Technical parameters:

1. Power sensing element: 20kg; (1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg optional)

2. Force sensing element accuracy:=0.0001 g (accuracy synchronized to software display). The error is less than 0.001%;

3. Instrument display: optional software and 7.0-inch touch screen;

4. Power sensing element protection: The warning for exceeding the standard weight limit is customizable within the software. Equipped with force sensing element overload protection function. At the same time, the software can set the protection range of the force sensing element to better protect it;

5. Displacement accuracy: 0.0001mm (accuracy synchronized to software display);

6. Full range of lifting arm: 0-350mm;

7. The movement speed of the lifting arm is 0.001-45 mm/sec. The software controls the movement and can set any position within a full range of 0.0001-350 mm as the default movement position. The default position can be set independently according to needs;

8. Speed resolution: 0.001 mm/s;

9. Software data collection rate: adjustable at 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 500 sets/second. Each group of 4 channels reads simultaneously;

Test steps:

Turn on the power switch, enter the main menu interface, select "Test Parameter Settings", set and save parameters such as "Needle Type" and "Needle Diameter".

Click on the "Syringe Piercing Force Test" option in the main menu to start the test. During testing, the needle moves down with the force measuring mechanism and punctures the simulated skin.

During the puncture process, the screen will display the real-time curve of the puncture process, and the program will automatically find the maximum value of the puncture force.

After the test is completed, you can click "Print Data" to print the process curve and maximum puncture force data, or enter "View Report" to view the test results.

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