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Cobb water absorption tester

2024-05-07 14:49

The Cobb water absorption tester is an instrument used to measure the surface water absorption of adhesive paper and paperboard, including corrugated paperboard Design according to the internationally recognized Keppel method principle. The instrument adopts a flipping type, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Execution standards

ISO535 "Paper and Board-Determination of Water Absorption (Cobb Method)"

GB/T 1540 "Determination of water absorption of paper and paperboard - Cobb method"

QB/T 1668-2012 Cobb absorption tester

technical parameter

Measurement area (cm) ²): 100 ± 0.2

Roller width (mm): 200 ± 0.5

Pressure roller mass (kg): 10 ± 0.5

Sample diameter (mm): 125 ± 5

Instrument size (length * width * height) mm: 270 * 400 * 300

Net weight kg: 25

COBB absorbent sampler

The Cobb water absorption sampler is used to cut samples with a diameter of 125mm, and then place the standard sample in the COBB absorbance tester for testing.

Technical parameters

Sampling diameter: Ø 125mm

Sampling size error: ± 0.2mm

Sampling thickness: (0.1-2.0) mm

Environmental conditions: temperature 20-40 ℃, relative humidity<85%

External dimensions: 250 X 280 X 450 mm

Ø Weight: 25 kg

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