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Rubber sleeve rebound tester

2024-05-07 14:53

What tests are required for the YYT1618 disposable human venous blood sample collection needle? The instrument used for the rubber sleeve rebound test is the HTY-02 rubber sleeve rebound tester; The principle of testing is to use a mechanical testing device to evaluate the force measured when the collection needle is vertically passed through a mold hole larger than the outer diameter of the tested collection needle tube by 0.05mm.

Compliant with standards:

Compliant with YYT1618-2018

Technical parameters:

1. Pressure testing range: 0-50N, error not greater than ± 1%, resolution 0.01N.

2. Test time: 1-999S, optional, with an error not exceeding ± 0.5S.

3. Test speed: 50mm/min, 80mm/min, 100mm/min with an error not exceeding ± 2%.

Printing method: You can print 8 or 10 test data or 13 test data, as well as the average puncture force and deviation value each time.

4. Measurement distance: 0-50mm, with an error not exceeding ± 0.1mm.

Operation method:

The testing conditions are that the testing speed of the HTY-02 rubber sleeve rebound tester is set to 50-100mm/min, the range of the pressure sensor used is 0-50N, and the accuracy is ± 0.5%.

The testing procedure for the rebound force of YYT1618 disposable human venous blood sample collection needle rubber sleeve is:

1. Expose the docking end needle by 2mm and insert it into the mold hole of the fixture.

2. Start the testing device to compress the rubber sleeve.

Measure the rebound force of the rubber sleeve at 5mm and 15mm of the connection between the needle tube and the needle holder.

The test result is 0.5 N ≤ rubber sleeve rebound force ≤ 1.5 N.

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