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Paper tensile strength testing machine

2024-05-07 14:51

The paper tensile strength testing machine is a device used to determine the tensile strength, fracture elongation, and tensile energy absorption of paper, paperboard, and other similar thin sheet materials.

Working principle:

The paper tensile strength testing machine simulates the tensile stress that paper may encounter during actual use by applying a constant or gradually increasing tensile force to the paper sample. During the stretching process, the tester records the deformation and force changes experienced by the paper sample from the initial state to the fracture state.

Execution standards:


Technical parameters:

1. Maximum test force 500N

2. Effective range of test force 2% to 100% FS

3. The minimum reading value of the test force is 0.01N

4. Minimum reading value of displacement 0.01mm

5. The maximum distance between two fixtures in the tensile test is 650mm

The relative error of the force indication of the testing machine is ≤ ± 1%

The repeatability relative error of the force indication of the testing machine is ≤ 1%

8. Displacement indication measurement accuracy ≤ ± 0.5%

9. Speed accuracy ≤ ± 2%

10. Speed adjustment range: 1mm/min~500mm/min, stepless speed regulation

11. Power supply AC220V ± 10%/0.15KW

12 External dimensions (length x width x height) 400 x 260 x 1300mm

13. Net weight of testing machine 80Kg

Testing process:

Clamp the paper sample between the fixtures of the testing machine, ensuring that the sample is evenly clamped and does not slip.

Start the testing machine and apply tension to gradually stretch the paper sample.

The experimental machine records the real-time tensile strength and elongation of the paper, and transfers this data to a computer or data recording system.

When the paper sample breaks, the tester records the maximum tensile force at the time of fracture, which is the tensile strength of the paper.

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