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Syringe flow tester

2024-05-07 14:55

The infusion set flow tester is a medical device used to detect the flow rate of infusion sets. By measuring the pressure generated by the liquid flowing through the infusion set, the flow rate of the infusion set is calculated and displayed. The basic structure of an infusion device flow tester includes components such as a pressure sensor, flow meter, and control system. During the testing process, the tested infusion set is connected to the flow meter of the testing instrument, and the infusion set is placed in a sealed container. Then, the pressure pump is controlled by the control system to inject liquid into the container. At the same time, the pressure generated by the liquid flowing through the infusion set is measured by a pressure sensor. The flow meter converts the pressure into a flow value and displays it.

Reference standard:

YY 0321.1

GB 18671

GB 15811

Technical parameters:

Test pressure 0-400KPa

Resolution 0.1KPa

Pressure accuracy ± 1% FS

Air source interface Ф 8mm polyurethane pipe

Test interface 6% Ruhr connector (other sizes can be customized)

50 users

Data interface RS232 (can connect to user LIMS system)

Host size 325mm x 420mm x 170mm (length, width, height)

Weight 9Kg

Product features:

Touch screen control makes operation easier and data results more intuitive

Can be easily and conveniently detected and calibrated

Built in program, one click operation, instrument automatically determines the end of the experiment

The high-precision pressure sensor system has excellent testing accuracy in the industry, effectively ensuring the accuracy of test results

Equipped with user graded permission management function (level 4) to ensure data integrity and standardization

Customized permission control, flexible formulation of various levels of permissions, and strict restriction on the executors of various operations

A comprehensive password protection scheme that limits illegal operations and ensures data traceability

Adopting a comprehensive record encryption and storage format to ensure the completeness, security, and reliability of each test information data

Equipped with a micro printer to quickly print experimental results

The instrument can store multiple sets of data, making it convenient for users to query

Intelligent configurations such as overload protection and power-off memory effectively ensure user operation safety

By exchanging different fixtures, multiple testing projects can be extended

The system program has ISP online upgrade function and can provide personalized services

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