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Sealing strip inspection follows standards

2024-01-03 13:24

The sealing strip is made of various materials such as rubber, paper, metal, plastic, etc. Its main function is to provide shock absorption, waterproofing, sound insulation, and heat insulation for the product.

What standards should be followed for sealing strip testing? Next, let me introduce to you:

DB13/T 5069-2019 Measurement method for volatile substance release from automotive sealing strips

GB 12002-1989 Sealing strips for plastic doors and windows

GB/T 15846-2006 Container Door Frame Sealing Strip

GB/T 21282-2007 Rubber and plastic sealing strips for passenger cars

GB/T 23654-2009 Vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber - Classification, requirements, and test methods for preformed sealing strips for building use

GB/T 27568-2011 Rubber sealing strips for doors and windows of rail transit vehicles

GB/T 33326-2016 Rubber sealing strips for flat panel solar collectors

JG/T 386-2012 Composite Sealing Strip for Building Doors and Windows

QB/T 1294-2013 Door sealing strips for household and similar refrigeration appliances

QB/T 5370-2019 Thermoplastic elastomeric door sealing strips for household and similar refrigeration appliances

QC/T 639-2004 Rubber sealing strips for automobiles

QC/T 641-2005 Plastic sealing strips for automobiles

QC/T 643-2000 Pollution test method for sealing strips used in vehicles

QC/T 709-2004 Test method for compression permanent deformation of automotive sealing strips

QC/T 710-2004 Compression load test method for automotive sealing strips

QC/T 711-2004 Automotive Sealing Strip Flocking Wear Resistance Test Method

QC/T 716-2004 Test method for retention and insertion force of automotive sealing strips

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