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Testing standards for lubricating oil

2024-01-03 13:15

Lubricating oil is used between two moving objects, mainly for lubrication, rust prevention, cleaning, auxiliary cooling, sealing, and buffering purposes.

Next, let me introduce to you the standards that lubricating oil testing should meet:

GB/T 11133-2015 Petroleum Products, Lubricating Oils and Additives - Determination of Water Content - Karl Fischer Coulomb Titration Method

GB/T 12494-1990 White Oil for Food Machinery

GB/T 12578-1990 Lubricating oils - Determination of flowability (U-tube method)

GB/T 12579-2002 Lubricating Oils Determination of foam Characteristics

GB/T 12613.3-2011 Plain bearings - Rolled shaft sleeves - Part 3: Lubricating oil holes, oil grooves, and oil cavities

GB/T 12709-1991 Determination of Aging Characteristics of Lubricating Oils (Conrad Residual Carbon Method)

GB/T 17038-1997 Diesel Engine Oil for Internal Combustion Locomotives

GB/T 17476-1998 Determination of Additive Elements, Wear Metals and Pollutants, and Certain Elements in Base Oils Used (Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy)

GB/T 19936.1-2005 Gear FZG Test Procedure Part 1: Relative Adhesive Load Capacity of Oil Products FZG Test Method A/8.3/90

GB/T 23800-2009 Determination of Thermal Stability of Organic Heat Carriers

GB/T 2433-2001 Additives and lubricating oils containing additives - Determination of sulfated ash content

GB/T 25618.1-2010 Earth moving machinery - Lubricating oil cups - Part 1: Screw joint type

GB/T 25618.2-2010 Earth moving machinery - Lubricating oil cups - Part 2: Oil guns and nozzles

GB/T 28878.4-2016 Specification for Rotating Components in Space Science Experiments Part 4: Acceptance of Lubricating Oils

GB/T 30506-2014 Guidelines for Cleanliness Grades and Flushing of Lubricating Oil Systems in Ships and Offshore Technology

GB/T 30507-2014 Guidelines for Sampling and Cleanliness Determination of Particle Pollutants in Lubricating Oil Systems and Hydraulic Oil Systems for Ships and Offshore Technology

GB/T 35087-2018 Dimensions, types, markings, and applications of lubricating oil holes, oil grooves, and oil cavities in sliding bearing bushings

GB/T 38074-2019 Determination of Friction and Wear Performance of Lubricating Oil for Manual Transmission - SRV Testing Machine Method

GB/T 391-1977 Determination of Corrosion of Engine Lubricating Oil

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