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What effects will fertilization have on the soil

2024-01-02 14:49

Fertilizer is the food for crops, and soil is the foundation of crop production. Both are indispensable. So what is the relationship between fertilization and soil? What effects will long-term fertilization have on the soil? Next, let's take a look together:

What beneficial effects will fertilization bring to the soil?

1. Long term fertilization can not only fertilize the field, but also regulate soil temperature;

2. Long term application of organic fertilizers can activate soil nutrients and increase soil nutrient content;

3. Long term fertilization can enhance the soil's fertilizer and water retention capacity and buffering performance, promoting the formation of soil aggregates.

What are the hazards of long-term fertilization on soil?

1. Long term fertilization can lead to an increase in heavy metals and toxic elements in the soil, directly endangering human health;

2. Long term application of chemical fertilizers can cause soil nutrient imbalance, exacerbating the depletion of soil P and K;

3. Acidification intensifies, with significant changes in pH. Long term application of chemical fertilizers accelerates soil acidification;

4. Long term fertilization damages the physical structure of soil and causes soil compaction.

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