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Cosmetic quality testing methods

2023-12-28 11:28

With the rapid development of China's cosmetics industry, the production and application of its products are also constantly expanding. Most cosmetic products are chemically synthesized, except for those derived from natural ingredients. In order to ensure quality and better play its functional role, it is essential to conduct comprehensive and rigorous analysis and testing of cosmetic products. The status and role of cosmetic testing in production and research and development are becoming increasingly important.

There are a wide variety of cosmetic products, with complex ingredients and significant differences in the chemical structure of the components. The purpose and requirements of cosmetic testing are also different. Therefore, in practical work, the selection of analysis methods should be based on the analysis object, analysis project, and analysis requirements. The analysis of a complex substance often requires several methods to be combined or combined techniques to obtain reliable conclusions. Its detection methods are divided into chemical analysis and instrumental analysis.

Currently, chromatographic analysis has become the mainstream tool for analyzing organic components in cosmetics, while spectroscopic analysis (LTV, IR, NMR, MS) has become an effective method frequently used in organic structure analysis. According to the trend of development, chromatographic analysis and spectroscopic analysis have become the two pillars of modern organic analysis in cosmetics and will be the mainstream of future development. Due to its efficient separation ability, chromatographic analysis can separate complex organic mixtures into single pure components, providing pure samples for spectroscopic analysis, thus solving the problem of requiring pure samples in organic structure analysis. When using W, IR, NMR, and MS for structural analysis, due to the implementation of sample miniaturization, fast determination speed, accurate spectral analysis results, and good repeatability, the structural identification of organic compounds has reached a new level, which is also incomparable to classical organic qualitative analysis methods.

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