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Methods for analyzing water quality

2024-01-02 14:47

Before having professional personnel from the company to install, you can also check your own water quality. Some people may think that it is not necessary to use professional tools to detect it, but it is not difficult. Here are 6 tips for testing.

The detection of water quality is one of the necessary workflows before installing a water purifier. The quality of water determines what kind of water purification equipment you need. Before the company's professional personnel come to install it, you can also check your own water quality. Some people may think that it is not necessary to use professional tools to detect it. Otherwise, it is not difficult to test the water quality by your own methods, At the same time, it is also possible to determine what type and function of water treatment equipment is needed at home, and make a budget for water home decoration.

Method 1: Look

Fill a glass of water with a clean and stain free porcelain bowl, look for any fine suspended substances in a well lit area, let it stand for about three hours, and then observe if there is any sediment at the bottom of the cup? If there is, it indicates that the suspended impurities in the water are severely exceeding the standard, and it is necessary to use a water purifier for terminal water purification treatment.

Method 2: Smell

Take a glass of water as far away from the faucet as possible and smell it to see if there is a strong smell of bleach (chlorine gas)? If the smell of bleach powder can be smelled, it indicates that the residual chlorine in tap water exceeds the standard, and a water purifier must also be used for terminal treatment.

Method 3: Taste

Drinking plain water hot without the smell of bleach (chlorine gas), if the taste of the water is not sweet, there is a smell of bleach instead, which is also a phenomenon of excessive bleach powder.

Method 4: Observation

Soak tea in tap water and observe whether the tea has turned black overnight. If the tea has turned black, it indicates that the iron and manganese content in the tap water is severely exceeding the standard. For such water quality, a water purifier with filtered rust should be used for terminal treatment.

Method 5: Product

Taste plain water and see if there is any astringency in the taste. If there is, it indicates that the hardness of the water is too high, which has a very negative impact on oneself. Would you like to install a water purifier? RO reverse osmosis water purifier can be installed for treatment, and the treated water outlet feels better.

Method 6: Check

Check the inner walls of the water heater and kettle at home to see if there is a layer of scale. If the hardness of the water is too high and the calcium and magnesium content is too high, try to use a pure water machine for purification. Note that water with high hardness can easily lead to various stone diseases.

General water quality issues can be detected through the above steps. Of course, when you confirm that the water quality in your home requires the installation of water treatment equipment to ensure healthy water use, you can hire professional water quality testing technicians to sign the contract.

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