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Standards to be followed for microbial fertilizer testing

2024-01-02 14:50

With the development of green agriculture and the increasing awareness of food safety among people, microbial fertilizers are gradually replacing chemical fertilizers. Microbial fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer that not only enhances soil fertility but also effectively improves crop quality. Next, we will mainly take you to understand the standards that need to be followed for microbial fertilizer testing:

NY/T 1109-2017 General Technical Guidelines for Biological Safety of Microbial Fertilizers

NY/T 1113-2006 Microbial Fertilizer Terminology

Technical Conditions for Culture Media for Microbial Fertilizer Experiments (NY/T 1114-2006)

NY/T 1535-2007 Guidelines for the rational use of fertilizers Microbial fertilizers

NY/T 1536-2007 Technical Regulations for Field Trials of Microbial Fertilizers and Guidelines for Fertilizer Efficiency Evaluation

NY/T 1736-2009 Technical Specification for Microbial Fertilizer Strain Identification

NY/T 1847-2010 General technical requirements for quality evaluation of microbial fertilizer production strains

Identification of Microbial Fertilizer Production Strains by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method (NY/T 2066-2011)

NY/T 2321-2013 Microbial Fertilizer Product Inspection Regulations

NY/T 798-2015 Composite Microbial Fertilizer

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