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Principle of total radiation recorder measurement

2024-01-03 13:21

After exploring the results by taking samples to the conventional experimental center, the principle of obtaining statistics from the experimental center is inconvenient, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Compared to small-scale farmers, it has no use for funds.

The total radiation recorder is a new and accurate product developed by our team, which is convenient for farmers to operate on a medium, large, and small-scale scale.

The total radiation recorder is divided into various types of products. The prices of different products are different, and the prices of different sensors are different.

The price of a regular host monitor is around 3000-6000, depending on the device pricing.

Measurement and principle of total radiation recorder:

The total radiation recorder is developed based on the requirements of planting farmers, such as the amount of soil water, temperature difference, fertilizer nutrients, pH value, etc. This measurement program is represented by Chinese characters;

It can also be clearly demonstrated in the sunlight that not only can the product be easily taken away, but it can also be easily applied. At the same time, it helps to print measurement signal data, and provides effective power supply methods for both AC voltage and battery types.

The total radiation recorder is designed for farmers who do not have data during the process of soil fertilization, and it is difficult to determine the quality of the soil in specific aspects;

The question raised thus has been successfully completed through a year of research and development relying on team technology for this product.

It is both user-friendly and easy to apply, making it particularly easy to take away. In addition, the product is designed with a large screen to display Chinese and English characters.

The functional effect of this product can also detect the content of all potassium elements, all phosphorus elements, and all nitrogen elements contained in plant crops. Monitor and record the element values in soil anytime and anywhere, including some phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and other elements.

The total radiation recorder is used to measure the content of soil acidity and alkalinity. By using the total radiation recorder, the content of the total radiation recorder can be accurately understood;

Until the farmers clearly understand the specialization of soil topdressing and the situation of the total radiation recorder, a set of fertilizer nutrient improvement methods will be displayed based on the signal data detected by the total radiation recorder products themselves;

This functional effect can not only increase the productivity of planting farmers, but also effectively adjust the topdressing, and reduce the post consequences of soil deterioration.

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