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Cutting fluid testing items and standards

2024-01-03 13:18

Do you know what testing items are required for cutting fluid testing? What standards do qualified cutting fluids need to follow? Next, let's take a look together:

Test items:

Pour point, viscosity, moisture, flash point, sulfur content, copper corrosion, four ball test, fat content, chlorine content, mechanical impurities, etc.

Testing standards:

DB22/T 467-2009 Clean synthetic metal cutting fluid

GB/T 31469-2015 Semiconductor Material Cutting Fluids

GB/T 6144-2010 Synthetic Cutting Fluids

JB/T 7453-2013 Semi synthetic cutting fluids

SN/T 2704.1-2010 Cutting fluids and machine tool excretions Part 1: Determination of phosphate ions Ion chromatography method

SN/T 2704.2-2010 Cutting fluids and machine tool excretions Part 2: Determination of chlorine and bromine Ion chromatography method

SN/T 2704.3-2010 Cutting fluids and machine tool excretions Part 3: Determination of nitrite ion chromatography method

SN/T 2704.4-2010 Cutting fluids and machine tool discharge fluids Part 4: Determination of mercury by mercury meter method

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