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Working principle of wheel balancing machine

2024-01-03 13:22

Balancing machines are essential equipment for reducing vibration, improving performance, and enhancing quality.

The inspection of the wheel balancing machine shall be carried out in accordance with the JJG (Transportation) 011-96 standard for metrological verification by the Ministry of Transportation.

Correcting the imbalance of the rotor based on the data measured by the balancing machine can improve the mass distribution of the rotor relative to the shaft;

Reduce the vibration generated during rotor rotation or the vibration force acting on the bearing to the allowable range.

1. The main inspection items of the wheel balancing machine are:

(1) The repeatability of the balanced mass shall not exceed 0.3e (e is the small residual unbalance amount that can be reached);

(2) The remaining imbalance of Xiaoda meets the G40 level;

(3) Balance no more than three times;

(4) When the phase error is allowed to be 10m, ± 10 is allowed.

2. Working principle of wheel dynamic balancing machine

Firstly, start the motor to drive the tire to rotate. Due to the presence of unbalanced parameters, the centrifugal force applied to the piezoelectric sensor in all directions of the tire is converted into electrical signals;

By continuously measuring the signal, the computer system analyzes the signal, calculates the magnitude of the imbalance and the position of the parameter, and displays it on the display system.

Many car inspection, maintenance, and usage personnel pursue the calibration of wheel balance results to zero (although this balance result is ideal, it is completely difficult to achieve), but in reality, this is a one-sided understanding.

The tire wear caused by an emergency braking of a car can cause a balance change of 1g to 2g.

It is generally judged that a small car (with a rim size ≤ 16 inches) has an unbalanced mass of 10g, and a medium-sized car has an unbalanced mass of ≤ 20g, which is qualified. It is recommended to add no more than 3 balancing blocks to the edge of each side of the wheel rim.

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