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Air Permeability Tester

2024-03-20 14:55

Compliant with standards:

BS 5636 JIS L1096-A DIN 53887 ASTM D737 ASTM D3574 EN ISO 9237 GB/T 5453 EDANA 140.2; TAPPI T251; EDANA 140.1; ASTM D737; AFNOR G07-111; ISO 7231, etc

Applicable scope:

Measure the breathability of various materials such as textiles, clothing, non-woven fabrics, paper, airbags, clothing, parachutes, sails, tents and sunshades, air filtration materials, and vacuum cleaner bags; The fabric is pressed onto the selected test head, and the instrument generates a continuous airflow through the sample, creating a certain pressure difference on both sides of the sample. In a very short period of time, the system automatically calculates the permeability of the sample.

Product details:

technical parameter

1. Test head area: 5cm2, 20cm2, 25cm2, 38cm2, 50cm2, 100cm2;

2. Test mode: automatic;

3. Test pressure: 10-3000Pa;

4. Air flow: 0.1-40000mm/s (5cm?);

5. Test time: 5-50 seconds;

6. Stop time: 3 seconds;

7. Total testing time: 10-58 seconds;

8. Minimum pressure: 1pa;

9. Maximum pressure: 3000pa;

10. Accuracy:± 2%;

11. Measurement units: mm/s, cfm, cm3/cm2/s, l/m2/s, l/dm2/min, m3/m2/min, and m3/m2/h;

12. Data interface: RS232C, asynchronous, bidirectional;

13. The pressure system can automatically detect the range of air pressure and can test large areas of samples;

14. Powerful suction pump with noise reduction device;

15. The instrument can automatically detect the area of the test head, automatically select the size of the test hole, and automatically control the suction force of the fan;

16. It has self programming function, and customers can write their own programs according to their needs;

17. Equipped with air flow initial and fine adjustment switches, automatic switching, fully enclosed pipeline design, with a leakage rate of less than 0.1 l/m2/s.

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