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Si48 UV carbon arc lamp aging test chamber

2024-03-21 14:32

The Si48 UV carbon arc lamp aging test chamber is used to test the aging of different materials and products to light. It is suitable for fiber textiles, building materials, laptops, commonly used office supplies, and other fields, and is suitable for testing standards for various color fastness to sunlight.

Experimental items:

Test standard: According to the international standard specifications for UV carbon arc lamp fading test before rainfall.

Experimental time: Set the experimental time as needed.


Internal dimensions: 600 * 600 * 750 (W * D * H) mm

External dimensions: 900 * 750 * 1800 (W * D * H) mm

Using light source: Closed Carbon Arc lamp

Box material: The test groove is made of stainless steel plate product SUS304 #, and the body shell is treated with steel plate spray paint.

Test sample holder: stainless steel product with a diameter of 508 ± 10mm

Standard test pieces can be loaded: 100 * 50mm (WxL) * 40 pieces

Insulation material: The insulation layer is made of heat-resistant PU foam.

Test slot door: The test slot door is equipped with an anti UV window.

Sample holder rotary drive motor: 1 ψ 220V 90W motor, 3 rpm reducer.

Test slot air circulation: multi wing air supply device 220V single-phase 0.25KW.

Carbon rod type: stamen carbon rod: diameter 13 ± 0.4 mm, length 305 ± 3mm

Coreless carbon rod: diameter 13 ± 0.4 mm, length 100 ± 3mm

Carbon rod usage time: 20 hours, use 1 set of carbon rods each time.

Carbon arc light filter cover: a high-temperature resistant, colorless, and transparent glass bell cover

Control instruments: digital indicators and controllers.

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