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New American standard AATCC shrinkage washing machine

2024-03-20 14:53

Whirlpool 3LWED4815FW - is a washing machine brand recognized by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) for standard shrinkage testing (dedicated). (Replacing other old models such as Whirlpool WTW4840YW, WTW4800YQ, etc.; with sufficient inventory) The American standard Whirlpool shrinkage testing machine consists of a washing machine and a clothes dryer (dryer), which is a standard shrinkage testing machine designated by AATCC in the United States. After one or more washes, test the shrinkage or elongation of textiles, and grade the washed samples to develop care labels for clothing, clothing, etc.


Control System& Flash; The washing machine has a water dispenser and a temperature control system, which can provide better washing effect and accurate washing temperature; The clothes dryer is equipped with an induction drying system, a quiet drying system, and cold air wrinkle prevention, which can accurately control the drying time and provide a low-noise working environment.

Operating System& Flash; Tap the panel to select from multiple programs, temperatures, and water levels.

Laundry capacity: 15 kilograms

Compliant with standards:

AATCC 88B, AATCC 88C, AATCC 124, AATCC 130, AATCC 135, AATCC 142, AATCC 143, AATCC 150, AATCC 159, AATCC 172, AATCC 179, AATCC 188

Product details:

1. 12+laundry procedures (standard, daily, large items, fine fibers, immersion, special cleaning, etc.)

2. 3 laundry options including additional water passing

3. 4-stage water level selection

4. 4 water temperature options

5. Built in tranquil laundry system

6. Convective water transfer blades on both sides

7. Anti scratch polyester enamel machine top and door

8. Double layer polished enamel roller drum

9. Dual shock absorption effect

10. Hood lock indicator light

11. Automatic balance correction system

12. Spray type water discharge

13. Adding clothing midway

14. Automatic cleaning of fiber filter debris net

15. Softener grid, bleach grid

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