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Martindale wear-resistant tester

2024-03-20 14:47

Warranty commitment:

1. If there is a quality problem with the instrument purchased by the user during normal use, and it is within the warranty period (one year), please contact the manufacturer or repair station directly according to the information indicated on the product warranty card or manual. If your request is not answered, please contact our customer service center in a timely manner, and we will assist you in safeguarding your rights.

2. Users cannot enjoy a one-year warranty commitment in any of the following situations:

The instrument has been subjected to abnormal use, storage under abnormal conditions, exposure to humid environments, exposure to high or low temperatures, unauthorized repairs, misuse, negligence, abuse, accidents, modifications, incorrect installation, force majeure, food or liquid splashing, normal wear and tear of the instrument, etc. Instruments that have exceeded their warranty period (one year).

Instrument shipping issues:

The transportation of instruments on this website may be delivered to users through express delivery or logistics, or the manufacturer may directly deliver the instruments to the user's designated location, or the website may transport them through a road transportation company. Regardless of the method of transportation used, users have the right to request that the instrument be fully packaged and all accessories are complete upon receipt.

For door-to-door delivery users, please inspect and accept the instrument according to the order on the spot when you receive it. If the instrument is missing, damaged, incomplete, or mistakenly shipped, please point it out on the spot and refuse to accept it or call our customer service in the presence of the courier. W

e will provide free re delivery. Otherwise, if problems occur once the instrument is signed for, you need to call our customer service first to explain the reason and obtain permission before sending the instrument back. The postage will be borne by yourself. We will re deliver the instrument free of charge once we receive it from you.

Users of other transportation methods have received instruments with incomplete packaging, which has caused damage to the instruments and affected their quality. Please contact the customer service department immediately, and we will repair, replace, or return the instruments according to the user's requirements.

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