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Random flipping pilling tester

2024-03-20 14:44

Compliant with standards:

ASTM D3512, GB/T 4802.4, ISO 12945.3, JIS L1076-D

Applicable scope:

Used to detect the pilling and pilling performance of fabrics. Place samples of 105mm x 105mm into test boxes, and under the rotation of the impeller, the cork lining wall of the storage box will continue to rub randomly. Set the timer to the specified time, and when the set time is reached, an alarm will sound to indicate the end of the test. During testing, compressed air is injected into the testing chamber to enhance flipping, and the air pressure is adjustable.

Technical parameters:

1. Sample testing room: 4;

2. Each testing room is equipped with rotating stainless steel blades;

3. The testing room should be equipped with good sealing performance;

4. Equipped with digital electronic counters;

5. Equipped with an alarm device for the end of the experiment;

6. Equipped with a pressure gauge and a timer.

7. Drum specification: 146 × 152mm

8. Cork lining specification: 452 x 146 x 1.5mm (L x W x H)

9. Stirring rod specification: L=121mm

10. Speed: 1200r/min

11. Compressed air: 0.014-0.021MPa

Instrument configuration:

1. Standard reference chart;

2. 50 pieces/pack of cork lining boards;

3. Cotton strips of 9 meters;

4. Silent air compressor (optional);

5. Other essential accessories recommended by the manufacturer.

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