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hydrostatic head tester

2024-03-20 14:54

Applicable scope:

Outdoor sports clothing waterproof testing, umbrella testing, waterproof fabric testing; Test the permeability and blood permeability of protective materials for assault suits and medical protective clothing. Using dynamic testing, static testing, and custom programming methods to test the water repellent performance of textiles under certain pressures. The sample is fixed in the testing area specified by the standard, and 0-5 bar of air is added to a water tank filled with distilled water through an air compressor. The water tank is connected to the testing head and a certain pressure is transmitted to the sample. The pressure curve is displayed in real-time on the operation screen, with various built-in testing standards for user convenience.

Compliant with standards:

GB/T 4744; AATCC 127; ERT 120-1 160-0; BS EN20811/3321/3424; AFNOR G07-057; ISO 811; JIS L1092A; JIS L1092. B-a; JIS L1092 B-b; ASTM F903C; ASTM F1670; ASTM F1671; EN 1734; ISO 1420; FZ/T01004

Product details:

1. 7-inch color screen, capacitive touch screen, multi-point touch operating system, convenient for operation, test results can be sent to the computer or directly to the customer through WiFi, or saved to an SD card;

2. A simple and convenient design of dual pneumatic testing fixtures, providing a wider viewing field; At the same time, it can also provide super strong clamping force, even under high pressure, water does not leak from the side;

3. Equipped with a built-in water storage tank for automatic water supply and a built-in water level sensor, it can automatically add water to the test water level;

4. High precision pressure sensor and pressure control system, with high testing accuracy and wide testing range;

5. Multiple pressure unit options (mbar/kPa/Pa/cm w.c/mm w.c), meeting standard requirements and user habits;

6. The pressure rise rate can be selected according to standard data, or customized (exceeding the maximum limit of 5000mbar will prompt the selection of pressure exceeding the limit to ensure safe operation);

7. Pressure or time alarms can be set to save observation time for operators and provide audible prompts when the alarm conditions are met;

8. In addition to the built-in standards, users can also choose to customize mode setting parameters for testing;

9. LED soft lighting system with digital adjustment of lighting brightness;

10. Configure various testing standards for testing software, making it convenient for users to use;

11. Optional powerful upper computer software, providing experimental video playback function, synchronizing test data, pressure curve, and recording, accurately positioning water droplets to measure the pressure value of the fabric, completely eliminating human eye observation errors.

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