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Electromagnetic flowmeter withstands negative pressure

2024-01-22 15:53

The electromagnetic flowmeter is designed for the upwind detection of chilled water, such as no pressure loss, high accuracy, and good stability. However, due to the characteristics of chilled water, some issues should be noted in the use of electromagnetic flow meters. Firstly, the internal problem of electromagnetic flow meters should be addressed, and attention should be paid to the issue of memory bearing negative pressure. When the measuring medium has a certain degree of corrosiveness, we need to use polytetrafluoroethylene memory material. However, electromagnetic flow meters made of tetrafluoroethylene material cannot withstand negative pressure. Whiteness meter

The above are the precautions to be taken for electromagnetic flow meters in measuring chilled water. Another flow meter suitable for measuring chilled water is the time difference ultrasonic flow meter, and some issues should also be noted during use. For example, because sensors and cable plugs may be wrapped in insulation layers, to prevent damage to sensors caused by condensation, the protection level of cable plugs should choose IP68 submersible protection level. Spectrophotometer

There are two ways to solve the problem:

1. Change the original vent valve to a one-way valve (check valve). When a small negative pressure rises in the pipeline, the check valve automatically opens to suck in air from the atmosphere, ensuring safety.

2. The disadvantage of using skeletal memory is that it increases investment costs.

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