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Incorrect operation of boiler dual color liquid level gauge

2024-01-22 15:50

The boiler explosion occurs due to the rupture of the drum (steam drum or water drum), which stores several tons or even dozens of tons of saturated water and steam under pressure, and the process of instantaneous release of huge energy.

The disasters caused by boiler explosions mainly have two aspects: first, the energy released by the expansion of water and steam inside the drum; The second is the disaster caused by the rapid evaporation of high-pressure steam and partially saturated water inside the pot, which generates a large amount of steam and diffuses around.

(1) When the boiler is short of water for a long time, the steel plate is burnt red, and the mechanical strength is rapidly reduced, the boiler operator violates the operating procedures and enters the furnace, causing an explosion;

(2) Riveted boilers, shell or drum leaks for a long time, and the alkalinity of the furnace water is high, causing severe embrittlement of the steel plate at the rivet or expansion joint, resulting in explosion accidents;

(3) Severe overpressure causing explosion;

(4) Due to malfunction of safety accessories, unreasonable structural design, and aging of materials, the boiler exploded.

preventive measure

(1) Special attention should be paid to whether the material, strength, connection type, welding, and cold processing assembly of the main pressure components such as the shell, head or tube plate, furnace liner, etc. of the drum with large water capacity comply with relevant regulations and standards in design and manufacturing. Due to the large diameter of the drum and the large number of compressed components inside the drum, as well as the complex connection types, it is even more important to pay attention to this issue in a fire tube boiler.

(2) When inspecting and repairing boilers, one should be highly vigilant about the severe embrittlement, severe corrosion and deformation, and groove cracking of the drum. The inspection should be thorough and meticulous, and the repair must ensure quality to prevent sudden tearing due to insufficient strength or crack propagation.

(3) Stove operators must remember that in the event of a serious water shortage accident, water must not be allowed to enter again, in order to prevent the drum steel plate from suddenly contracting and cracking due to overheating and redness when exposed to water.

(4) The safety accessories of boilers, especially safety valves, must always be sensitive, accurate, and reliable. Most small boiler explosions have a common and important reason, which is the lack of safety valves installed or the failure of safety valves, resulting in overpressure. If the safety valve operates normally and is controlled at a lower pressure, an explosion accident can be completely avoided.

(5) Attention should be paid to weak links that are easily overlooked. Many explosion accidents occur in boilers used for cooking, bathing, heating, and hot meals, and even hot water boilers and tea stoves are common. These boilers are small in size, low in pressure, and are often overlooked and overlooked in the daily life sector, which can easily become weak links and loopholes in boiler safety management. Therefore, special attention should be paid.

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