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Fully automatic dilution and calibration instrument

2024-01-22 15:31

The MiniLab-I fully automatic dilution and standard instrument is used for the preparation of inorganic solid-liquid samples, liquid sample dilution, standard curve preparation, mixed standard preparation, quantitative addition of standard and quality control samples, as well as other liquid processing operations in element analysis processes. It provides standard samples, standard curves, and sample preparation services for subsequent AAS, ICP-MS, etc. This system can be widely applied in various fields such as disease control, food safety, agriculture, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.

♦ Fully automatic completion of inorganic labeling, packaging, dilution and other processes

♦ Standard light proof solvent cabinet for light proof storage

♦ The dual injection pump design can automatically switch according to actual applications, ensuring the precision and accuracy of liquid processing

♦ The entire instrument has been certified by authoritative metrology, ensuring accurate and effective results

♦ The inner wall of the pipette can be cleaned in three stages, and the outer wall of the pipette is continuously cleaned by an independent acid resistant peristaltic pump in reverse flow to eliminate all cross contamination

♦ Equipped with various mixing methods such as suction and dispensing mixing, bubble mixing, etc

♦ The entire instrument adopts a closed structure with a ventilation system, effectively protecting experimental personnel from the hazards of toxic and harmful reagents

♦ The instrument is designed with high corrosion resistance, and the platform is constructed with acid resistant materials. The motor and electrical components are designed with isolation and coated with Teflon anti-corrosion coating. Extend the service life of the instrument

♦ Compatible with 2ml-110ml conventional standard liquid storage bottles and centrifuge tubes, pipe racks can be customized according to actual needs

♦ Optional constant temperature sample holder to ensure constant preparation temperature and avoid the influence of environmental temperature on the sample preparation process

♦ XYZ axis omnidirectional mobile robotic arm, precise positioning, independent up and down movement of dual Z-arm structure, supporting two modes of pipette and pipette, automatically switching according to the method, without the need for manual switching

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