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Material aging test

2024-01-22 15:19

Aging test refers to the rapid inspection of all performance of a product through specialized equipment to determine its service life. Electronic products can be stored in a temperature aging chamber to determine their various characteristics and yield after being subjected to high temperatures; The UV aging tester can predict the lifespan of cables, exterior wall paints, and other products outdoors; According to different product requirements, the aging testing equipment and testing requirements are also different. In short, aging test is a test conducted on the lifespan of a product and its ability to achieve optimal results during use.

The aging test mainly refers to the thermal oxygen aging test conducted on rubber, plastic products, electrical insulation materials, and other materials; Or for air exchange aging tests on electronic components and plasticized products.

Aging tests can be divided into temperature aging, sunlight irradiation aging, loading aging, and so on.

High temperature aging is generally carried out in several levels. Industrial aging typically takes 70 degrees, 4 hours, and 15 degrees, with several levels including 40 degrees, 55 degrees, 70 degrees, and 85 degrees. The duration is generally 4 hours.

According to the number of aging test products, there are two methods for testing

1. Aging chamber; Mainly targeting plastic products, and products with small quantity and volume are more practical

2. Aging cabinet or aging room; A high-temperature and harsh environmental testing equipment is mainly designed for high-performance electronic products (such as computer machines, displays, terminals, automotive electronic products, power supplies, motherboards, monitors, swappable chargers, etc.). It is an important experimental equipment to improve product stability and reliability, and an important production process for various production enterprises to improve product quality and competitiveness. This equipment is widely used in power electronics Computer, communication, biopharmaceutical and other fields.

The main aging test items are:

1. Light aging test: Xenon arc lamp aging, UV lamp aging, carbon arc lamp aging.

2. Heat aging

3. Damp heat aging

4. Salt spray aging

5. Ozone aging

6. High and low temperature cycling

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